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Hi friends... 

It's Katie, Makeup Artist and Founder of Beauty and the Boutique

News about Veil Sunset Skin Foundation...

Many of you in our incredible Beauty and the Boutique community have been asking...

"Where is Veil Sunset Skin Foundation?"

Sadly, Veil Cosmetics products, including Veil Sunset Skin Foundation, are no longer available for us to retail; I'm so sorry, I really did try my hardest for you, but this decision was out of our control. 

I understand that the news that we can no longer stock Veil Sunset Skin Foundation may be disappointing for you 💗

However, not to worry... I've found an amazing alternative foundation that I hope you'll love too!

(PLUS, see below for your discount code to try this new foundation for yourself!) 

Introducing your new fave foundation...

Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation! 🙌

Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation is formulated to cover imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes, and redness, too - whilst still looking natural & giving skin a radiant glow!

This lightweight, natural foundation is perfect for creating an everyday 'no makeup' makeup look!

Plus, Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation protects your skin from the ageing effects of sun damage too with SPF 20, making it the perfect replacement for Veil Sunset Skin Foundation! 

Something exciting!

Beauty and the Boutique

Benefits of delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation SPF20

The Foundation

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As a thank you for all the support, I'd love to gift you a 25% off your purchase of the Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation!

Simply enter this gift code at checkout:


If you love Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation, as an added bonus, you can use your gift code (above 👆) again when your first foundation runs out! 

Helpful tip...

We currently have another gift code offer at Beauty and the Boutique, where you can receive 20% off when you purchase 3 or more items using the gift code: 20

If you wish to purchase 3 or more products from Beauty and the Boutique, including the Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation, you may wish to use the gift code: 20 to receive 20% off your entire order, as you will receive more savings this way! 

However, if you wish to only purchase the Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation then use the gift code: TREAT25 for 25% off this one product. 

Need shade help?

If you need help finding your perfect shade or answers to any beauty questions that you may have, simply pop us an email and we'll do everything we can to help! 

Thank you...

As a small, independent business, your support really has meant the world to me. 

Once again, I'm so sorry again that we're no longer able to retail Veil Cosmetics products, including Veil Sunset Skin Foundation. 

Thank you for understanding; it means so very much 💗


Beauty and the Boutique

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