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Omega Balm

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Botanico Vida Omega Balm!

You've picked the most amazing skin soothing product! 

This incredible Omega Balm will lock in moisture, feed and soothe extremely dry, irritated skin!

Botanico Vida Omega Balm

If you suffer from dry skin patches, scars, psoriasis or other red, irritated, drying skin conditions such as flaky skin, dry lips, rough hands or cracked heels – then prepare to be wowed by this super-nutrient rich balm.

Plus, it’s so gentle it works wonders for nappy rash and babies skin conditions too!

What makes Omega Balm so unique?

Botanico Vida’s Omega Balm offers an effective, natural and 100% fragrance-free alternative to the many paraffin-based balms.

Designed to sit on the skin longer and provide a protective and nourishing treatment to lock in moisture, contributing to 24-hour hydration that helps alleviate flaky, cracked or rough skin, as well as calm any red and irritated areas.

Omega Balm supports your skin with a nurturing layer that helps skin recover and heal itself as it works hard to improve your skin’s barrier function to lock in its natural moisture for longer.

It’s specialist skincare made just for you… and your loved ones!

And that’s not all…

Sacha Inchi is the earth’s richest plant source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and high in protein, vitamins and antioxidants...

...and it’s also the stand-out hero ingredient in Botanico Vida’s Omega Balm!

Why does our skin need Omegas?

Although they make up 30% of our skin’s lipids, we cannot produce them ourselves!

Infusing these necessary and natural Omega's into our skin’s cellular structure supports the healing, growing and ageing process.

Independent studies have concluded the following benefits from using Omega Balm:

  • 45% increase in skin elasticity

  • 19% increase in skin hydration

  • 96% of users felt their skin was smoother and softer

  • 92% of users would recommend to a friend

Let this all-purpose soothing balm help keep your skin troubles at bay!

It provides the most powerful, natural goodness your skin is craving… and your skin will love it!

How to use your new Omega Balm!

Beauty and the Boutique

Results to expect

  • Effective natural, 100% fragrance-free alternative to the many paraffin-based balms so you can feel safe in using it even on babies

  • Protects and nurtures the skin’s barrier function, which means healthier skin for the whole family

  • Ideal for use on very dry skin patches, scars, psoriasis or other red, irritated, drying skin conditions such as flaky skin, dry lips, rough hands or cracked heels, keeping your skin ultra-soft and moisturised

  • Sits on the skin longer and provides a protective and nourishing treatment to lock in moisture, so skin stays softer for longer

  • Offers 24-hour hydration to help alleviate flaky, cracked or rough skin, red and irritated areas, especially on the lips, cuticles, backs of heels and hands

  • Gentle enough to use on babies and an effective barrier against nappy rash

  • Contains Sacha Inchi, the earth’s richest plant source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and high in protein, vitamins and antioxidants, which keeps skin healthy and protected

  • Includes a new natural tech active called Castrolatum TM that ‘wraps’ skin, locking in moisture and protecting it from the environment

  • Also features a combination of nurturing skin-loving oils such as Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Oil, and Soybean Oil to add moisture and hydration back into the skin to build and renew it.

Key ingredients

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Bioactive Sacha Inchi Super-nutrient rich seed contains 90% fatty acids with high Omega 3-6-9, Vitamin E, and protein levels. Helps reduce inflammation; soothes, calms and nourishes skin, and prevents and improves the appearance of existing stretch marks

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Rosehip Oil Full of skin-loving goodness with vitamins and antioxidants! Scientifically proven to reduce and minimise scars and rejuvenate skin thanks to Omegas 3 & 6 and natural Tretinoin (the acid form of Vitamin A that replenishes and rebuilds skin). Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to Vitamins C & A for a fresher and brighter complexion

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Argan Oil Nutrient-rich seed is cold-pressed to release an oil full of Omegas 6 and 9, and Vitamin E

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Cocoa Butter Contains excellent skin-loving fatty acids that help hydrate your skin, keeping it soft, smooth and supple!

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Calendula Marigold Flower Extract Superbly healing, anti-inflammatory and highly soothing herb that's perfect for sensitive skin, helping to plump the surface of your skin, giving you tighter, more supple skin and protects your collagen and elastin supply

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Vitamin E A powerful antioxidant with protective and natural skin-conditioning properties that balances and hydrates skin while protecting skin cells against ageing and strengthening the skin's barrier against environmental toxins

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Sunflower Seed Oil Super-emollient oil to nourish skin, protecting against oxidative damage thanks to antioxidants like Vitamin E

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Soybean Oil Helps deliver essential fatty acids to maintain a moisturised skin barrier, decrease water loss, and aid skin hydration and rich in Vitamin E that provides antioxidant and environmental protection for the skin

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Castor Seed Oil Rich in fatty acids that promotes smoothness and softness to skin, plus it can help restore uneven skin tones.

About the brand: Botanico Vida

Founder, Kristy Cimesa, came across Sacha Inchi seed oil in 2009 to treat her son’s eczema. Impressed with its improvement, it became a staple for use on everything from dry skin to sunburn and wrinkles. Kristy partnered with friend Hannah Becker to develop the most Omega-rich multi-purpose body oil on the market!

The Sacha Inchi oil was infused with many other organic, omega-rich oils such as Argan, Rosehip and Avocado to create a unique blend with excellent skin penetration and a beautiful scent. This blend became ‘Omega Oil’ the hero product of their new company Botánico Vida (or ‘plant life’). Soon to follow came the nurturing Omega Balm, with all the benefits of Omega Oil but qualities aimed specifically at extremely dry, irritated skin.

Botanico Vida sources ingredients from organic, fair-traded plants and through projects encouraging reforestation.

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