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Donna May Eyebrow Precision Styling Kit

Now, you can become your very own brow expert (at home!) and maintain professional-looking brows without stepping into a salon!

This perfectly formed brow kit will give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of and save you money along the way…

no salon visits or experts required!

All you really need are the right tools for amazing-looking brows!

Start to look forward to shaping and grooming your brows with this at-home brow kit courtesy of Donna May London:

Eyebrow Precision Styling Kit

This ingenious collection has all the tools you need to help keep your brow maintenance in check!

Whether you’re into high or low-maintenance brows, you’ll find all the essential tools you need from Donna May London’s ‘Eyebrow Precision Styling Kit’.

Now there’s no excuse for not having the brows you’ve always dreamed of!

What makes this kit so unique?

This 6-piece brow grooming set includes all the tools you need to perfect your brows at home:

Folding Comb & Spoolie Brush:

This is the perfect multi-use, double-ended beauty tool (...who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 product!). The spoolie brush end expertly brushes your brows (even those unruly ones!) into place. In contrast, the folding comb end can be used to either comb through brows or separate eyelashes before and after applying mascara by running the comb gently from lash roots to tips for fluttering lashes, avoiding mascara clumping.

Eyebrow Scissors:

These scissors aren’t just your average pair - the very slight curve is designed explicitly for neatening brows! Plus, once you have brushed your brows upwards, you can easily see any extra-long hairs and effortlessly run the scissors along the top edge of your brows to trim them away – without cutting too much.

Slanted Tweezers:

These tweezers are ideal for quickly, efficiently, and conveniently removing unwanted hairs under and over the brows! Simply place the slanted edge on your skin, then pull out the hairs in the direction of the hair growth to keep your brow shape looking great every day.

Folding Eyebrow Blade:

This folding blade may look scary but fear not – this might just become your new BFF for the quickest way to get rid of unwanted brow hairs! Always remember to pull the skin taut first, then run the blade against the direction of the hair grain – be gentle but firm and use the magnifying mirror to see where you are working. It’s the perfect tool for getting right under the brows, removing any excess hairs in the middle of the eyebrows or taking away any light fuzz above the eyebrow. Plus, you can use it for eliminating other facial hair too!

Pointed Eyebrow Tweezers:

These pointed tweezers will become your go-to for picking out unruly hairs within the eyebrow. The point design makes it super easy to just grab individual hairs without pulling any others out – perfect for those odd grey or unruly brow hairs that can be tricky to grasp hold of otherwise!

Magnifying Mirror

And last but no means least, the perfect grooming companion – a compact yet powerful magnifying mirror (10x) that helps you do all the hard work! To do such detailed work as grooming brows, you need to be able to see even the tiniest of hairs (even without glasses!), and this mirror makes that not only possible but easy. Plus, it's small and lightweight, so you can carry it for grooming on the go!

Why Your Brows Matter!

Properly groomed eyebrows help to frame your face and can make a significant impact on your overall appearance. Learning the ideal brow shape for your face is instrumental in framing your eyes, lifting your face and accentuating your best features!

This is your essential guide to shaping your brows – the quick and easy way!

How to map your brow shape

Beauty and the Boutique

There are three key areas of your eyebrow to get to know when creating your best brow shape:

1. Head (the brow part closest to your nose)
2. Arch (where your brow is naturally the highest)
3. End of the tail (the part nearest to the outer corner of your eye)

Your brows should begin right above where your nostrils are, on either side of your nose – to find this, simply rest an eyebrow pencil vertically against your nose, where it touches your brow is the brow head. Mark a dot here.

From here, move the pencil outward until you reach the outer edge of your iris (the coloured area of the eye). This is where your natural arch should be (usually two-thirds of the way from the head to the end of the tail). Mark another dot here.

Rotate the pencil until it reaches the outer corner of your eye for the end of the tail—mark your last dot here.

Now you have the map of your brow shape; all you have to do is simply connect the three dots!

Use the eyebrow pencil just above and below your brow to create a guide – and anything that falls outside these lines are hairs you can remove.

How to use your brow tools

Beauty and the Boutique

To tweeze any hairs outside the lines, simply hold your skin taut and gently remove the hairs in the direction of the hair growth – this helps to protect the follicle (so the hair will grow back in time!)

Tidy up hairs between both eyebrows, the forehead area (just above the temples) and below the arches – you can apply a cold compress to help calm any redness or irritation from tweezing straight after.

Then just comb your brows upward using the spoolie – this will help identify any long, stray hairs that might need trimming. If you can spot any, use the scissors at a downward angle to give them a little tidy up – try not to trim too much near the tail, however, as hair is sparser here.

Now fill in the eyebrow shape you have created and any sparse spots with short, hair-like strokes for a natural look – leave a thicker shape at the head and thinner towards the tail.

Finally, run the spoolie through your brows again to soften up the strokes and make them look more natural.

There you have it – the quickest and easiest way to a natural facelift!


And that’s not all…

Plus, you’ll never lose your tweezers again, thanks to the super convenient (and classic) brow wallet!

So, keep your brows neat, tidy, and in control the easy way – with everything secure and ready to go in one safe place.

Even if you’ve never plucked before, feel confident that with this well-thought-out Eyebrow Precision Styling Kit, having perfectly groomed brows is a pleasure, not a chore…

…and become your very own brow expert!


Results to expect

  • All the tools you need to help keep your brow maintenance in check!

  • Sculpt, define and groom your eyebrows at home with an expert styling precision

  • Can be used by beginners as the tools are all effortless, easy and convenient

  • Wallet features signature Donna May London embroidered red lip logo to keep all your tools in one place

About the brand: Donna May London

Professional Makeup Artist to the stars Donna May Clitheroe (and current head of makeup for award-winning shows) founded Donna May London. Renowned for her red lip (the brand's signature logo), Donna May London is a brand with heart. Their fundamental values focus on passion, understanding and a desire to create the best possible experience!

Donna May London is more than a makeup accessories brand; it has 25 years of knowledge in the makeup industry and provides honest makeup advice and expertise to its loyal customers.

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