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Private Lipstick in 'Cherry Red'

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DuWop Private Lipstick in 'Cherry Red'


Please meet your very own personalised lipstick shade...

With a colour that is made exclusively for you and your unique skin tone…

…to suit you, no matter what!

DuWop Private Lipstick in ‘Cherry’

…promises to do just that (and more!)

The hue-changing red colour in DuWop Private Lipstick in ‘Cherry’ will ensure you kiss any red lipstick concerns you used to have goodbye and embrace your new, perfectly flattering red pout!

Everyone needs that perfect red lipstick in their kit – it works from being a real showstopper to saving a rushed morning when all you have time to do is add a swoosh of lipstick.

And ‘Cherry’ will not let you down.

What makes Private Lipstick unique?

DuWop Private Lipstick in ‘Cherry’ is a cherry red lipstick that adapts beautifully to your complexion by reacting with the pH in your skin.

Clever stuff, right?

It transforms from its original shade and works to leave you with the perfect cherry-red lips within five minutes in a tone that’s unique to you!

Watch the magic happen whenever you apply this little beauty!

And that’s not all…

The hydrating formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments – Annatto, Hibiscus Flower and Henna - giving your lips a vibrant colour, protective formula and long-lasting staying power!

Plus, thanks to Beeswax, Castor Oil and Vitamin E, your lips will stay smooth, silky and baby-soft.

What’s more, you can use DuWop’s Private Lipstick in ‘Cherry’ on your cheeks, too, so now you’ll have the perfect shade of blush to compliment your perfect red lips…

…it really is the cherry on the top!

How to use your new Lipstick

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Results to expect

  • The perfect red lipstick that adapts to suit you within minutes!

  • Colour-changing technology that transforms into your very own personal shade thanks to an endless variety of hues that adapt to your skins PH levels to flatter and compliment your skin tone

  • Formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments – Annatto (providing a rich pigment base), Hibiscus Flower (with a gentle antiseptic quality), and Henna (to leave a long-lasting stain), giving your lips a vibrant and protective formulation that lasts

  • Innovative technology that adapts to suit each individual’s skin tone, so you know your lipstick will uniquely suit you as if it was custom-made!

  • Beeswax, Castor Oil and Vitamin E lend additional hydrating ingredients to help keep your lips hydrated and soft as well ensuring the colour remains lightweight and emollient

  • Easy to apply and goes on smooth and silky with a rich pigment change within minutes that leaves behind the ultimate shade specifically for you!

About the brand: DuWop

DuWop is one of the most innovative brands in beauty, mainly because of its ability to provide solutions to women’s beauty requirements.

They pride their products on all high-quality containing ingredients and fun, problem-solving products that you can’t live without; known as their very own DuWop’s “Modern Beauty Solutions.”

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" I’ve hand-picked some products that I think will work beautifully with your new Private Lipstick in 'Cherry Red'. Take a peek below! "

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I hope you love using this DuWop - Private Lipstick in 'Cherry Red' as much as I loved hand-picking it for you!

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