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SOS Pearl Drops

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ilāpothecary SOS Pearl Drops!

Do certain situations leave you feeling anxious or unsettled?

We all experience moments of unease – from having ‘one of those days’ to getting on a flight, starting a new job, or simply feeling anxious when life feels overwhelming.

Whatever the reason, this natural rescue remedy may just help soothe, relax and calm you…


Reassure, protect and promote calmness with:

ilāpothecary’s ‘SOS Pearl Drops’!

These SOS drops are a therapeutic and potent modern-day rescue formulation that nourishes both the body and mind in dealing with anxiety, emergencies and crises.

Calm your fears thanks to these naturally soothing ‘SOS Pearl Drops’!

What makes Pearl Drops unique?

Cleverly combining homoeopathy, numerology, flower essences, herbs and gems (such as amethyst and gold), this remedy can be taken in moments of fear, anxiety, and restlessness as both a preparation and a solution to protect and promote calmness (even for children).

ilāpothecary’s ‘SOS Pearl Drops’ strengthens nerves, reassures and restores mental and emotional strength and protection thanks to the following ingredients:

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Aconite A powerful homoeopathic remedy that fights anxiety, shock and worries and instils inner peace, balance and calm. Experience relief from these drops naturally when feeling anxious and help reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of tense, anxious moments

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Pearl Trouble-shooting in terms of providing protection, personal space, reassurance and fighting off fear, Pearl helps nurture in times of vulnerability or sensitivities and spreads calmness, relating to the meaningful purpose of number 1: to stand up straight and feel more confident.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Wild Poppy Flower & Wild Rose Flower Essence A beautiful flower essence is known to reassure, strengthen, calm and nurture our inner heart, these wild poppies are gathered from the fields around the farm in the Cotswolds (UK). Wild Rose is a fragrant flower essence that addresses the apathetic state and can help bring enthusiasm back so that you can embrace life again in a positive way!

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Passiflora Known to calm nerves, lower stress levels (and blood pressure), and soothe the mind and body, Passiflora stabilises and restores emotional strength in times of change or anxiety. It may help treat anxiety and insomnia thanks to increasing levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a mood-regulating chemical the brain creates.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Lemon Balm Extract Lemon balm is a wonderfully refreshing herb that can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and nervousness. It's a go-to herb for anxiety and depression, calming the nervous system and can balance long-term fight-or-flight and stress response thanks to naturally increasing your levels of the GABA (a mood-regulating chemical) neurotransmitter, which positively affect your mood.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Valerian Root Extract Valerian Root is a herb used for various ailments, including naturally treating depression and anxiety. It also improves the quality of poor sleep thanks to its gentle and mild calming effect. Because Valerenic acid inhibits the breakdown of GABA (a mood-regulating chemical) in the brain, you will feel calmer and more tranquil as a result.

And that’s not all…

Plus, incorporating numerology into each ilāpothecary product helps reinforce and establish the product’s intent and effectiveness. Numerology looks at the relationship between a number and its symbolism, associations and inherent power.

Every number contains its optimal qualities and can act as a signal.

Each number has a spiritual meaning from one to nine and can be applied in various ways; this can show up as patterns or repetitions in your day today.

Meaning of Number 1

ilāpothecary’s ‘SOS Pearl Drops’ number is associated with Number One, which is all about confidence and standing up straight! Number One often demonstrates independence, individuality and an overall sense of new beginnings and change.

It brings the sun’s energy and resonates with the vibrations of creation and new beginnings - energy is about emotions, and emotions are about the heart!

Numerology intends to relate a product to a purpose. It is a rescue remedy to help soothe and feel calm in a stressful situation with the idea of feeling relieved of anxiety.

Next time you feel your nerves creeping up on you, reach for these ‘SOS Pearl Drops’ and feel calm…

…without the storm.

How to use your new SOS Pearl Drops!

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Results to expect

  • Therapeutic and potent modern-day rescue formulation that helps to calm both the body and mind when dealing with anxiety, emergencies and crises

  • Combining homoeopathy, flower essences, herbs and gems (such as amethyst and gold) to naturally help your body remain grounded

  • Take in moments of fear, anxiety, and restlessness as both a preparation and solution to protect and promote calmness (even for children)

  • Aconite - fights anxiety, shock and worries and instils inner peace, balance and calm

  • Pearl - trouble-shooting, providing protection, personal space and reassurance to your body and mind

  • Poppy – strengthens and nurtures our inner heart to provide reassurance in times of struggles

  • Passiflora - lowers stress levels and soothes the mind and body to gently and naturally calm nerves

  • Wild Rose Flower Essence - a flower essence that specifically addresses the apathetic state and can help bring enthusiasm back to embrace life and overcome indifference

  • Lemon Balm Extract - can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and nervousness

  • Valerian Root Extract - used for a variety of ailments, including depression and anxiety.

  • Numerology: associated with the Number 1 - allocated for confidence and standing up straight and brings the energy of the sun to mind and body

About the brand: ilāpothecary

ilāpothecary is an award-winning British brand lovingly handmade in a barn in the Cotswolds.

They offer innovative herbology, naturopathy, Phyto-actives & homoeopathy products infused with powerful remedial ingredients.

Designed to counteract urban stressors, environmental and digital pollution, mental stress, hormonal imbalance and body fatigue for the busy, modern lifestyle.

The products help uplift, nurture and balance mind, body, skin and soul and help calm the nervous system while strengthening, hydrating and healing.

With an incredible 75% of emotions generated by scent, ilāpothecary believes that what we put on our skin directly nourishes and calms our heart – the centre of emotional wellbeing, energy and vitality.

Numerical symbolism matches each product of parallel purpose.

At Beauty and the Boutique...

We love beauty and animals – so you always know the products we sell are never tested on animals.

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