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Tangle Angel 2.0 Hairbrush

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Tangle Angle 2.0 Hairbrush!

Get ready to cherish your new Brush Crush!

Your hair will love this brush

If you’ve noticed that the weight and ergonomics of your regular hairbrush are ripping out hair and creating more split ends daily...

...then you're in for a treat!

Your new Tangle Angel 2.0 Hairbrush is gentle on your hair… yet tough on knots!

The Tangle Angel 2.0

Award-winning Royal & Celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward (with design expert Richard Dunn), developed the Tangle Angel 2.0 concept following his wife undergoing chemotherapy.

He wanted to create a brush that was tough on knots yet sensitive to the daily stress and strain upon your hair and scalp.

The revolutionary new Tangle Angel 2.0 brush uses an innovative bristle design to glide through even the most stressed-out and fragile locks and knots.

If you have fragile hair that breaks, tangles and knots easily, prepare to fall head over hair for your Tangle Angel 2.0 brush.

What makes the Tangle Angel unique?

Tangle Angel 2.0 – a clever, heat-resistant, antistatic and antibacterial, ergonomically designed hairbrush…

…that also happens to look like a little slice of heaven on your dressing table!

Aesthetics aside, this angelic brush glides through hair (wet or dry) without tugging, pulling or hurting the scalp...

…truly a brush sent from (hair) heaven!

The results?

Thanks to the added antibacterial infused bristles, Tangle Angel 2.0 is likely the most hygienic brush you will ever have used, hands down.

It also contains antistatic additives allowing the brush to be earthed by the strip, reducing frizz and flyaway hair.

And that’s not all…

Tangle Angel 2.0 has Memory-FlexTM bristles that easily separate knots without the hard work because of the innovative design around the edge and centre of the brush pad, where they are most effective!

Feel your hair become more manageable to brush than ever; the Tangle Angel 2.0 de-knots gently and quickly, saving time after the shower.

Just be warned - everyone will want to borrow it!

Short hair or long hair, fine or thick…this gentle, comforting and stylish brush may just be your new haircare addiction!

How to use your new Tangle Angel!

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Results to expect

  • Less hair snapping, breakage and split ends

  • Water-resistant, antistatic, and up to 99.9% antibacterial for healthier hair

  • Heat resistant (up to 120C degrees) so you can use while blow-drying

  • Perfect for detangling wet or dry hair

  • Suitable for all hair types, including sensitive scalps

  • Innovative design and ergonomics for more effective detangling

  • Memory-FlexTM bristles that flex and return to their original position

  • Ex-StaticTM antistatic earthing strip to minimise static and reduce flyaway hair

About the brand: Tangle Angel

Award-winning Royal and celebrity hairdresser, Richard Ward, is responsible for bringing Tangle Angel to life.

With the help of product designer Richard Dunn, who, after numerous designs and research, together eventually developed the most ergonomic concept with the brush resembling wings – and they called it the Tangle Angel.

More than just another detangling brush, these brushes are uniquely shaped for knots to be easily detected as most products, including a handle for ease of use.

The added antibacterial and antistatic additives in the new and improved design, along with the highest quality materials, really does make the Tangle Angel 2.0 more than just a regular hairbrush.

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I hope you love using this Tangle Angel - 2.0 Hairbrush as much as I loved hand-picking it for you!

Need more help?

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