Course testimonials

Katie Knows Her Stuff!
As I'll be 40 next year I felt it was time to start looking at skincare, makeup regimens that complemented me. I figured as a makeup artist, Katie would know her stuff. She has certainly proven me correct!!

Sara G

So Pleased With The Results!
Hi Katie and Team, I followed the tutorials and am so pleased with the results. Thank you so much for all of your help and support!

Gemma S

I Look More Refreshed!
I love makeup but with a baby, I haven't touched it in over a year until I saw Katie's natural makeup videos. Everyone says they can't tell I'm wearing makeup, I still look like me but more refreshed!

Mei L

Improving My Confidence!
Katie’s tutorials have helped me feel so much fresher and youthful and it’s really helping to improve my confidence!

Lara N

Can't Thank You Enough!
Cannot thank you enough! I have always been disappointed because I felt like my rosacea could never be covered without looking like I am wearing a pound of makeup. I love wearing makeup again!

Sandy C

Great Products & Tutorials!
I'm a working mum, 37 - I think this is great and I feel confident! Thanks for your great products and tutorials!



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What others are saying

Restored My Confidence!
After having a tough few months, you have helped to restore my confidence (and my looks!) so much. I used to be petrified of makeup, but Katie’s tutorials have made me soooo much more confident!


Thank you!
Thank you for your recommendations! I was approached by a 45-year-old in Marks last week complimenting me on my skin. I'm 74!


I Love the Transformation!
Hi Katie & Team, I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I love the results following Katie’s videos & just love the transformation!

Emma H

Total Revelation!
It didn’t matter what I did before, I always looked tired. I’m 47 next week, and I saw your tutorials. I’m so, so happy with the results! Total revelation! Thank you so much!

Julie S

My Go-To!
This is my go-to look for feeling great without smothering myself in makeup. Love it. I used Katie's natural fresh look tutorials to do this.

Jen N

Wonderful Tutorials!
I just had to say how much of a difference this has made to my routine as a new mum. Thanks for the wonderful products and the great tutorials!

Michelle C


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