beauty and the boutique timeline

How it all started
January 2009
Katie dreams of
Beauty and the Boutique!

A place where you’ll be inspired to feel your happiest, most confident and most beautiful self - inside and out!

January 2011
After years of saving -
Beauty and the Boutique
officially launches!

Beauty and the Boutique starts offering pop-up beauty and style parties (called ‘Beauty and the Boutique Parties’!) for groups of girlfriends.

This is a fun and interactive chance to be styled and have personal makeovers by Katie (for free!), and the opportunity to shop Katie’s hand-picked ‘must-haves’ directly and in person!

June 2011
Katie makes it her mission to help more women
with their style, make up and confidence!

Katie makes her first tutorial on YouTube in an attempt to share her knowledge globally – to help reach even more women!

June 2012
Katie starts the Beauty and the Boutique
Facebook page

Katie steps into the world of social media with step-by-step guidance to enhance your natural beauty and style and celebrate the woman you are today!

August 2012
The Beauty and the Boutique online
community is born

The community is for real women with real lives, joining together on a journey of self-empowerment with Katie on hand to answer your every beauty, style or confidence concern with free, personal advice whenever you need it!

September 2012
Beauty and the Boutique has its
own makeover!

After hundreds of Beauty and the Boutique parties across the UK, Katie works tirelessly to transition Beauty and the Boutique from its origins to an online space that many more women (around the globe) can access, learn and benefit from!

January 2013
launches as an online platform!

Featuring all of Katie’s hand-picked must-have’s that have been tried, tested and loved. Including free step-by-step tutorials to help as many women as possible with their self-esteem through the transformative powers of makeup, style and positive thinking!

Plus, Katie takes great pleasure in hand-gift wrapping every single order!

June 2014
Katie’s motivated to help
even more women!

Katie’s Dad had always been a huge supporter of Beauty and the Boutique (and a big believer in always following your dreams!) so after his passing, and to honour her Dad’s memory, Katie feels driven to help women celebrate the woman that they are TODAY!

August 2016
Katie’s husband, Crispian, takes the leap
and joins team Beauty and the Boutique!

After years of saving, we’re so excited that finally, we can move into our very own workspace for Beauty and the Boutique. Together, Katie and Crispian spend every evening after work renovating the space to bring Beauty and the Boutique to life…and a place that we can call home!

December 2016
Beauty and the Boutique expands
their help beyond style and beauty

We make an on-going commitment to donate monthly company proceeds to helping animals, the environment and social welfare charities.

January 2017
We welcome our very first
style & beauty ‘Happiness Team’

A dedicated group of friendly people (all mentored by Katie) to answer your every beauty, style or confidence concern with free personal advice whenever you need it!

June 2018
We help save more animals in need!

We put our marketing knowledge to the test and use it to build and market a new website for a homeless dog charity in desperate need in Greece! Our aim is to help them raise more money online for vital food and medicine for the dogs (and cats) in their care.

June 2019
Beauty and the Boutique fund
a full-time animal rescuer!

Katie & Crispian visit the Dash-Dogs shelter in Greece and it becomes apparent that we need to help them even further, so Beauty and the Boutique funds a full-time dog rescuer at the shelter to help save many more animals in desperate need!

March 2020
A global pandemic strikes -
Beauty and the Boutique make it
their mission to help!

Company proceeds are further utilised to help nurses, volunteers and doctors in fighting the virus. PLUS, we launch ‘Positivity Cards’ and ‘Guided Relaxations’ to help relieve feelings of stress and boost positivity for our amazing online community during this challenging time.

Present Day!
What’s next…

Katie and team Beauty and the Boutique start working on our own beauty and cosmetics line…watch this space!