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Your 'thank you' bonus day!

👋 Hi friends,

Welcome to your bonus day - my way of saying thank you for all of your support 💖

I've created this video to help you feel a deeper sense of love and appreciation for who you are! 

In busy and stressful times, we often forget to take time out to look after ourselves!

If feelings of self-love and confidence don’t come naturally to you, or you need a little 'pick-me-up’ my video above to help ignite those well-deserved feelings of love, warmth, and positivity towards yourself 👆

Beauty and the Boutique

Never done a Guided Relaxation before?

Get ready to feel refreshed and revived! ✨

The video above is a Guided Relaxation that will help focus your mind and senses on a place where you can feel peaceful and calm!

You can listen to the video sitting or lying down, but for the ultimate in immersive experience, I recommend listening to this with headphones! 🎧

If you ever need reminding of the amazing person you are, then this video is always here for you!

Beauty and the Boutique


I hope you've enjoyed learning my beauty secrets! Thank you for taking the time to read them each day, I hope you feel they've helped you in some small way 💖

Each time I have a new beauty, style, or confidence tip I think you'll love, I'll email it to you! You can easily unsubscribe should you not find them helpful (but I'm pretty sure you will - I only send my best ones! 😜)

Thank you again for all your support - I couldn't do this without you! 🙏


Beauty and the Boutique

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