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Beauty and the Boutique

A quick message from Katie

Hi Friends,

Does the thought of applying liquid eyeliner bring you out in a cold sweat? 😓

Is it the pressure of getting a straight line, that perfect wing or perhaps you're worried it won't suit you as you've got older?

Fear not...

I'm here to show you a few trusted tips & tricks to take the fear out of liquid eyeliner and show you just how easy it really can be! 🙌

Beauty and the Boutique

I'll prove that whatever age you are, winged eyeliner can most definitely still be for you! 👏

Plus, in my video above 👆 learn a clever technique that makes your liquid eyeliner look soft, sexy and youthful! 💖

I hope the video above 👆 has given you more confidence and inspired you to revisit (or try for the first time!) a liquid eyeliner look...

...and that you love the finished results! 💕


Beauty and the Boutique

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