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Beauty and the Boutique

Hi Friends, Makeup Artist Katie here!

I’m taking you along with me behind the scenes, so you can see what I got up to at the start of this year! 🤳

Watch my video above 👆 and join me for a wholesome weekend with my husband and the pups, lunchtime laughs at Beauty and the Boutique HQ...

...and how I set my goals for the year ahead! 📝

Plus, discover my style tips and the secret to curling short hair! 👩‍🦳

What you'll learn in the video above...

Beauty and the Boutique


I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my week, and that I've helped inspire you to try something new with your style or do the things that make you happiest! 💖

If you haven't already, watch my video above 👆 to see what I get up to 👀

Plus, scroll down to discover even more videos that I think you'll love below!👇 


Beauty and the Boutique

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