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Beauty and the Boutique

Hi Friends, Makeup Artist Katie here...

Welcome to a Guided Relaxation, focusing on how to relax and calm ourselves in moments when we have anxiety or an uneasy feeling that we just can’t seem to shake off 😞

I hope by the end of this video, you’ll feel stronger and more in control of those anxious feelings 💪

Beauty and the Boutique

Never done a Guided Relaxation before?

Get ready to feel refreshed and revived! ✨

A Guided Relaxation focuses the mind and senses on a place where you can feel safe, peaceful, and calm!

Simply watch my video above 👆  and enjoy creating harmony between your mind and body 😌

You’ll experience a 'mental vacation', whilst enjoying focusing your imagination, to create calm, peaceful images in your mind 💕

Beauty and the Boutique

You can listen to the Guided Relaxation sitting or lying down. For the ultimate in immersive experience, listen to this with headphones! 🎧

Should a moment of anxiety pop up in your day, know that you can listen to this Guided Relaxation again and again…

…to help you feel stronger and more prepared to take control of these moments in a gentle, loving, and caring way 💖


Beauty and the Boutique

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