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Beauty and the Boutique

Hi Friends, Makeup Artist Katie here...

Do you feel like your jawline is less toned than it used to be?

Watch my video above 👆 as I share a magic tool that i've discovered that gives you a natural face-lift, in only three (ish) minutes! ⏱ 🙌

Plus, after you've watched all my expert advice in the video, find out more about the game-changing products I used below! 💡

Discover the tool that sculpts the face!

Introducing Gua Sha 💫

Gua Sha – pronounced gwahshah - is a traditional Chinese medicine practice of massage using a sleek stone.

For centuries Rose Quartz Gua Sha massagers have been used to reduce puffiness, help skin glow, ease tension, smooth frown lines and tone & sculpt facial contours! 😍

Beauty and the Boutique

So... How does it work?

Along with the ergonomic design, this beautiful Gua Sha sculpting tool allows you to gently follow your face's natural curves.

Gua Sha is perfect for a stimulating massage that lifts and rebalances the appearance of skin and promotes collagen production.

Think of it as a face massage for smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin! ✨

Keep scrolling to learn all my top tips on how to use the Gua Sha to detox and sculpt your face....

How to use Gua Sha...


Apply oil to your cleansed skin

so the Gua Sha can glide!

Beauty and the Boutique

Apply a facial oil to add slippage to the skin. 

The oil helps the Gua Sha glide against the skin softly and smoothly, so the massage feels effortless and doesn't drag on the skin.

Beauty and the Boutique


Use the stone upwards

for a face-lift effect!

Beauty and the Boutique

Hold the flat side of Gua Sha against your skin, facing upwards. Glide it over the skin gently in an upwards motion.

You can do this up to 10 times in each area.

Being gentle is key; you don't need to push too hard into your skin for incredible results! 🥰

Imagine Gua Sha gently flushing away toxins that lay underneath your skin.


Get that contoured jawline

with the ridged side of the Gua Sha

Beauty and the Boutique

Position the ridged side of Gua Sha against your chin. Then slide the skin along the edge of your jaw towards the ears, 10 times on each side.

Using the Gua Sha to hug the contours of your jawline gives you that ultra-definition impact!


Finish with the neck

to keep the fluid flowing!

Beauty and the Boutique

The final step is to use long strokes from under the chin to the bottom of each ear. Then from the bottom of the ear to the base of your neck.

Do this 10 times on each side.

Any fluid that your face has been retaining needs to drain downward so that it can naturally flow back into your bloodstream - where it belongs.

Wave 'bye, bye' to a puffy face!  👋


I love the results I get from using this Gua Sha and I think you will too 👏

You can expect to see results when you use it daily - consistency is key!

If you haven't already, be sure to watch my video above for all of my magic tool tips! 🎬

Plus, scroll down to discover even more tips that I think you'll love below!👇


Beauty and the Boutique

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