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Eye of Horus Goddess Lipstick in Gaia Spice

Are you stuck in a makeup rut, wearing the same lipstick colour daily?

If so, you might be surprised by how much a beautiful coral shade can help elevate your look and complexion…

…and boost your daily lip game!

Discover your most wearable, warming and stunning coral shade that will soothe your lips and promises to suit everyone…

every day!

Treat your lips to an inspiring tint and a touch of nourishment from Eye of Horus:

Goddess Lipstick in Gaia Spice

The Gaia Rose lipstick is an easy-to-wear, inspiring and lifting 'peachy-orange-pink' tone that's not too much and not too little – just the perfect hint of coverage that looks and feels great, with good staying power!

This premium satin lipstick blend is sourced from nature to nurture lips while giving them a bright, coral shade that’s easier to wear than you might think.

Gaia is the perfect wearable peachy-red coral - ideal if you've never worn coral before thanks to its ultra-flattering hue that complements every skin tone and takes your everyday lip look up a level!

The peachy coral tone means this shade gives a beautiful boost to every complexion, and is wearable for every day, whilst giving a hint of pink that's perfect for any occasion (day or night!)

What makes this lipstick so unique?

Not only is this exceptionally beautiful coral spiced hue super pretty, but its buttery-smooth formula is also perfect for sensitive and dry lips!

The natural ingredients harnessed in this award-winning, 100% vegan lipstick help to nurture, plump and colour your lips so that even the most delicate skin on sensitive lips can enjoy a beautiful lip look!

Plus, it feels light and creamy (never sticky, tacky or drying) and won’t dry out your lips thanks to its superb moisturising qualities making your lips look smoother and more even while wearing.

The nourishing ingredients also mean there’s no need to wear lip balm before application, and even after wearing it for hours, lips will still feel divinely nurtured and soft.

For an uplifting and pretty peachy-pink coral colour that’s easy to wear and leaves lips looking luscious, smooth and healthy – look no further!

And that’s not all…

The thoughtfully crafted and gorgeous eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging is a real bonus for easy-to-recycle beauty for you and Mother Nature.

Conscious beauty from the inside and out…

… thank you, Eye of Horus, for this inspiring coral lipstick!

How to use your Goddess Lipstick in Gaia Spice

Beauty and the Boutique

Results to expect

  • A perfect coral shade that lifts your mood, complexion & day!

  • Satin-blend, buttery soft texture to moisturise lips while wearing

  • Smooth, nourished & healthy lips thanks to skin-loving, naturally derived ingredients

  • Expertly crafted formulations that nurture sensitive skin with marine botanicals, sacred oils, key botanicals and Candelilla Wax

  • Universally flattering, wearable peachy-spice shade that suits all skin tones

  • Moisturising texture that glides on smoothly & keeps skin from drying

  • Versatile & uplifting coral colour for the perfect everyday boost to lips!

Key ingredients

  • Emollient Candelilla Wax hydrates dry skin to look smoother – ideal for soothing chapped lips & relief for dry lips!

  • Antioxidant Castor Seed Oil helps to promote hydration - great for soothing and conditioning lips, leaving them soft & flake-free

  • Vegetable Squalane helps prevent collagen loss to rejuvenate the lips for a youthful glow and plumpness!

  • Sunflower Seed Oil traps moisture to keep skin hydrated & helps prevent damage to cells by UV light and fight premature skin ageing

  • Hypoallergenic Carnauba Wax is water-repellent & very emollient, making it perfect for comfortable application

  • Antioxidant Vitamin E helps balance and hydrate skin with healing and anti-inflammatory benefits to calm your skin

About the brand: Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus is an award-winning Australian brand of colour cosmetics. The iconic Eye of Horus range was inspired by the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup, believing it offered magical power and protection. Based on ancient sacred ingredients (including Organic Moringa Oil aka “Oil of the Pharaohs” and Castor Oil), the formula delivers the highest quality performing products helping all women feel like a true Goddess! The brand has quickly achieved cult status amongst fans, celebrities and professional Makeup Artists around the world.

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I hope you love using this Eye of Horus - Goddess Lipstick in Gaia Spice as much as I loved hand-picking it for you!

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