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Beauty and the Boutique

Hi Friends, Makeup Artist Katie here...

Ever had one of those nights where you’re trying to sleep…

…but there are a million and one things whizzing around in your head, keeping you from dozing off? 😣

If this sounds familiar, then I’ve got some GREAT tips to help slow your racing mind before bed! 😴

Beauty and the Boutique

It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the powers of keeping a notebook…

…and I’m starting to wonder how I got by without one for all these years! 

Notebooks can help us preserve happy memories, keep us feeling inspired and even better – keep us organised 🙌


Get a pretty notebook

Much like having a diary as a child, there’s something really special about having a pretty notebook that you adore 💖

Why not try...

Find a notebook that reflects your personality OR something you love.

This is going to inspire you to use it that little bit more…

…PLUS, it’s going to live on your bedside table, so having it matching your décor is another bonus! ✨

Beauty and the Boutique


De-stress your day...

with To-Do lists!

Getting all of your pre-sleep thoughts down onto paper can provide a sense of relief and give your brain a bit of a spring clean! 🌸

Writing a to-do list every night is a great way to organise your errands…

…allowing you to sleep knowing you won’t forget those important tasks in the morning! 👏

Why not try...

Picking 3 things from your to-do list that you want to achieve the next day.

This can really motivate you get stuff done…

…and there’s something really satisfying about crossing something off a list!

Beauty and the Boutique


Write your worries away

I am a BIG worrier, and often I use the time I have before I sleep to worry about everything and anything! 

Jotting down my fears into my notebook helps me to separate the important worries from the irrational worries…

…as well as reassuring me I won’t forget to act on any IMPORTANT ones the next day! 💫

Why not try...

Writing all your worries down and crossing off any in the morning that are solved or unnecessary.

This way you can focus on solving those that are a priority! 💪

Beauty and the Boutique


End your day...

on a positive note!

Harnessing GRATITUDE is a great way to de-stress your mind before you sleep.

It helps to remind us what makes us happy and what we have to be thankful for 💗

Why not try...

Writing 3 things in your notebook every night that you are GRATEFUL for 💕

This could be something as simple as the food you ate or the bed you sleep in…

…and it’s a great way to end the day on a positive note! 🙌

Beauty and the Boutique

Beauty and the Boutique

A final message from Katie

I hope I have inspired you to incorporate a notebook into your nightly routine…

…and that these tips help to slow your racing mind and get you ready for a peaceful night’s sleep! 😴


Beauty and the Boutique

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