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Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo

There is no "right" way to apply foundation, everyone has their favourite technique.

Some use their fingers, others use brushes, and then there's the makeup sponge.

Aaah – the humble makeup sponge: a little daily hero, according to many makeup artists. 

But truth be told, I was never really that into them…

…until now! 

Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo

For that naturally flawless and smooth complexion, this is your new BFF duo!

The Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo has a soft, velvety texture with a squishy consistency that boosts your makeup application, giving you faster results and transforming your foundation from patchy to flawless…

…so skin looks like yours, only much better!

What makes this duo so unique?

Traditionally sponges work best with liquid formulas, but they can often soak up a lot of products meaning you’re wasting precious foundation (and money!)...

...but luckily, the Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo isn’t your traditional sponge!

Thanks to the super tiny pores (not even visible to the naked eye!), the Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo sponges absorb less makeup, are easier to clean and feel velvety smooth on your skin. 

The soft yet firm sponge consistency helps distribute just the right amount of foundation, allowing you to achieve a natural-looking foundation that makes your complexion more even-looking! 

And if you apply too much, you can easily remove the excess by using one of the sponges too!

If a flawless finish that looks both natural and professionally applied is what you’re after, then Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo delivers on all beauty fronts.

How to use your Pure Luxury Makeup Spoinge Duo

Beauty and the Boutique

You don't need to be a makeup artist to achieve that super smooth and silky finish with the Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo – it really couldn't be easier!

All you need to do is wet the sponges until fully saturated and squeeze out the excess water. This will give you a natural, airbrushed and pore-less finish, stopping the sponge from soaking up any extra foundation.

The clever part is that how wet you make your sponge can determine the finish of your foundation:

  • 1

    For a natural finish, use the sponge damp to apply your foundation!

  • 2

    For a really sheer finish, run it under a tap before each use and then squeeze out the excess water so that you're left with a damp and plump sponge, before dipping it into your foundation!

  • 3

    For fuller coverage, just a drop of water on your sponge is all you need!

The only time you may like to use your sponge dry is to apply loose powder to set your makeup or if you have a powder or mineral formulated foundation.

What’s more…

You get two size sponges in this duo: a standard and a smaller sponge.

This makes applying your foundation and concealer even easier since the two sizes enable you to reach all areas of your face (that many sponges miss)...

...such as the inner corner of the eyes and the corners of the nose – areas that often need a little extra coverage!

And best of all...

Unlike many other makeup sponges, this duo is free from toxic chemicals (including flame retardants made from untreated foam) and is dye-free, latex-free, and vegan.

Plus, most sponges aren’t very hygienic, so you have to keep on top of your cleaning, but the Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo sponges are antibacterial, meaning no nasty germs hiding in your sponge!

Though you still need to clean them regularly, the material is much more sanitary than most!

Results to expect

  • Boosts your makeup application, giving you faster results & transforming your foundation from patchy & cakey to flawless & airbrushed!

  • Choose your finish from sheer to full coverage – this sponge duo will take the look of your foundation and concealer to the next level!

  • Quick and easy to use (even for makeup novices!), your foundation application will instantly look more flawless and professional!

  • The larger sponge covers wider areas of your face quickly with minimal effort or blending; simply bounce & dab the formula into your skin for that even, smooth finish!

  • The smaller sponge is the perfect size for the inner corners of the eyes – ideal for helping you conceal dark circles!

  • Safe to use and free from toxic chemicals (including flame retardants) and are dye-free, latex-free and vegan to keep skin from irritation

  • Super easy to keep clean with no need to worry about drying or washing in a certain way - simply use soap and water to keep your sponge healthy & happy!



1x Pure Luxury Non-toxic Makeup Sponge

1x Petite Size Pure Luxury Non-toxic Makeup Sponge

Top Tip!

Always pop the product on your hand (rather than straight on the sponge itself) before dipping the blender in and 'bouncing' it onto your skin.

Bouncing will give you an even, airbrushed finish every time!  

Keeping your makeup sponge clean is essential, so your skin stays free from germs, and this antibacterial version will help you do so much easier without much work! Simply wash away dirt or grime after each use, lathering with brush cleanser or soap and rinsing with water until no more product runs out. 

Remember to swap out your sponge every 3-6 months (like your toothbrush and mascara!) to keep your daily makeup routine on its top game – and your skin in prime condition.

About the brand: Jenny Patinkin

Jenny Patinkin is a beauty expert, entrepreneur, makeup artist and author specialising in earth-friendly and age-related beauty tools. Her Eco-Luxe Beauty Tools are based on four principles: Luxury Quality (handmade by highly skilled artisans with luxury elements at affordable prices); Eco-conscious (products and packaging designed to be reusable or repurposable keepsakes); Age Aware (for fresh, natural results without pulling on delicate skin); and User Friendly (ergonomic shapes create confidence, control and comfort).

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