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Hi Friends, Makeup Artist Katie here...

What if I told you I'd found a straightforward trick to help you figure out what you want to achieve in your life and how to make it happen, using a pen and paper? 📝

Use a pen & paper to achieve your dreams

Now, you might be thinking:

"This all sounds a little too basic!"

This stuff is magic, as you're going to discover! ✨

How pen & paper helped me achieve major goals

When I was in my early 20s, every year I'd write a letter to myself of all the goals I wanted to achieve that year.

I'd choose a date, take the day off work or make time over the weekend, and I'd sit down and write a letter of everything I hoped I would achieve in that year.

For example, learn to drive, try and find a cure for psoriasis, etc.

Beauty and the Boutique

Then, I'd fold the letter, put it in an envelope, and seal it ✉️

On the envelope, I'd write the date I'd be allowed to open it.

I'd then open the letter on that date, (be it a year, or six months in the future) and see what I'd achieved 📅

And you know what…?

It was amazing how many things in the letter I found I'd managed to achieve!

Beauty and the Boutique

I found that there was something in the process of writing a letter to my future self that actually helped me achieve certain things.

It turns out, there's actual brain science that proves why this works! 🧠

Today, I'll share with you why writing a letter to your future-self works, and how to write the message so that it helps you take back control of your life and achieve your dreams… 🏆


Write your future...

the way you want it!

The best thing is that this letter is personal to you – so you can write whatever you want!

Remember – there are no limits here.

Write down all those things you always wanted but never thought you could do or were too afraid to even dream about ✍️

Beauty and the Boutique

My top tip!

Be as descriptive as possible.

So, for example, if your ambition or goal is to buy a house, don't just write "move to a new house" – actually describe what the house will look like.

Where will it be? What does the road look like? Is there a garden…or is it by the sea? 🏡

The more detail, the better!

Beauty and the Boutique

Why this tip works...

By being more descriptive, you'll be helping your brain visualise the future.

Descriptions help our brains visualise and focus on what we want 🧠

The brain takes this visualisation and starts to form neuropathways that send signals to our subconscious self.

This helps our brains form new behaviours that enable us to think in a more positive, goal achievement orientated way and help make what was seemingly impossible…possible! 💫


Never use the words

'hope' or 'try'

I would love to create my own beauty product line; if I wish to write this in my letter to myself, I shouldn't write:

"…in the next five years' time, I hope (or I will try!) to have launched my very own beauty product line."


Because; when the word 'hope' or 'try' is used, it creates two pictures inside the brain, one of a positive outcome and one of a negative outcome.

Both pictures have equal weight ⚖️

Both words; 'hope' and 'try' introduce or promote a feeling of doubt.

Beauty and the Boutique

Instead, I should write:

"By 2025 I will have launched my beauty product line."

Trust me, this small change in wording makes a huge impact on how you visualise things and then go about achieving them 🏆

Beauty and the Boutique

Why this tip works...

When we tell ourselves we've already done something, our brain perceives it as a more achievable thing.

By writing it as if it's already happened, you already believe it! 👏


How to store your letter

Don't put your letter in an envelope - instead store it in a folder to keep it safe, then put your letter somewhere accessible, such as a bag or box! ✉️

Beauty and the Boutique

Why this matters...

By keeping your letter close to hand, if you're having a bad day, you can re-read it and gain inspiration once again! ✨


Re-read your letter

Any-time you're feeling a little lost or uninspired, read your letter 📄

If you don't tend to have these feelings, then read your letter at least once a month.

Make dates in your diary to remind yourself 📅

My top tip!

As you achieve parts of your letter, tick off paragraphs so that you can see progress ✔️

Don't worry if you read your letter and no progress has been made.

Beauty and the Boutique

Why this tip works...

Just by reading your letter regularly, you'll be training your subconscious mind to influence your thinking, helping you take little baby steps towards living the life you wish for yourself.

It's easy to see how just the process of writing down and reviewing your goals can really help to make them a reality, isn't it?


Take action today

Don't just wait for the New Year to make a resolution to change – we have a chance to start fresh every day! 💪

Just give it a try!

My top tip!

Make a date in your diary right now to sit down and write a letter to yourself…

…then make another date for 4 months' time to see how you're getting on!

Beauty and the Boutique

Why this tip works...

Just by making a date in your diary, you're telling your brain that this is something essential to be done, and you'll be much more likely to make time to do it! 👏


Visualise & believe

This is magic! ✨

Visualising can be incredibly powerful in your life.

Olympians are trained in visualisation to excel in their sports.

Every day you awake or before you go to sleep, start to imagine the feelings and the emotions you would feel as if this "life" was your reality now.

Lastly, ask yourself: What is one thing I could do today/tomorrow that would help me get closer to the life I want? 🤔

Beauty and the Boutique

Why this tip works...

By visualising and believing that this works, your brain will create new neuropathways that will make the impossible seem possible! 👏

Have patience & don't give up!

In time you'll start to find your life reflecting your visualisations.

Be open, try it and see where it takes you! 🙌

It's free to do any you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Beauty and the Boutique

Happy time travelling, friends! 💕


Beauty and the Boutique

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