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Divine Skin Concentrate

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Awake Organics Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate!


If your complexion has been lacking that dewy, plump and toned look with tired, dry or dehydrated skin, then this product is going to help give your skin a much-needed nutritional boost…

...and give your look a gorgeous glowy makeover!

Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate

A concentrated Frankincense moisturiser that naturally tightens and tones your skin!

The ingredients, including a vitamin-packed blend of 100% natural, certified organic, nourishing food grade oils with the intoxicating scent of wild Frankincense, along with a beeswax barrier texture, all add up to one superbly functioning skin-saving hero!

Gain back your skin confidence with this skin-loving, aromatic wonder balm moisturiser!

What makes this balm so unique?

Effortlessly absorbing into the skin, this yellow, balmy texture is silky-smooth…

...and truth be told, I’m a little obsessed with the way this Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate melts into my skin, without leaving any greasy or oily residue  simply ultra-soft, smooth bounciness!

Restore your dewy, plump and bright complexion with this concentrated Frankincense formula… a must for dry, dehydrated or mature skin – especially during cold winter months.

Quench, protect and feed goodness back into your precious skin today…

…and every day!

And that's not all...

The soothing, rich, balm-like Frankincense formula will leave even the driest skin feeling ultra-soft, super hydrated and fully replenished with continued use… not to mention smelling insanely addictive thanks to the bright, earthy, floral notes of Frankincense at its very finest!

Pause those fine lines from forming the natural way with the age-old beauty secrets of Frankincense.

How to use your new Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate!

Beauty and the Boutique

Results to expect

  • 100% natural & organic balm-like-moisturiser with skin-loving ingredients such as Frankincense, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Food Grade Hemp Oil, Babassu Kernel Oil and Pure Beeswax to restore a dewy, plump and bright complexion

  • Suitable for normal, dry, dehydrated and mature skin types leaving skin feeling softer, plumper and more youthful

  • Beautiful Frankincense aroma of bright, earthy, floral notes provides a calming experience

  • Leaves skin feeling ultra-soft, super hydrated and fully replenished

  • Safe and healthy feeling skin with a paraben & alcohol-free, no petroleum-based ingredients, without synthetic fragrance or colour and no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and no added water

  • Made in the UK of recyclable glass packaging that can be reused or recycled for a sustainable option

Key ingredients

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Frankincense This certified organic, food-grade, and wild-crafted Frankincense is the purest form available. Known for its spiritual and medicinal properties throughout centuries, Frankincense has superior skin rejuvenating properties that help diminish the appearance of scars and sun damage. It also minimises wrinkles and tones and gently tightens the complexion. Frankincense aids in restoring lacklustre skin, plus it brings calmness, peace and balance, making it ideal for use during meditation and for soothing the senses and any anxieties.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil The organic Sea Buckthorn macerated oil is 100% unadulterated and freshly made in-house. Sea Buckthorn has a high concentration of natural pro-age Vitamin C; in fact, it is 12 x higher than that of an orange! Vitamin C includes numerous antioxidant properties and is vital for Collagen's production, which aids in healthy, glowing and luminous-looking skin.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Carrot Seed Oil Known as one of the best pro-age oils, Carrot Seed helps the body flush toxins and water build-up away, giving skin a fresher and firmer appearance. This Carrot Seed oil is Organic and Food Grade that helps improve the complexion, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars and is also known to encourage spiritual grounding and connection work.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Babassu Kernel Oil Similar to Coconut oil, only lighter, Babassu Kernel Oil absorbs faster and doesn’t clog pores. This version is organic and cold-pressed, a great source of natural Vitamin E and a powerhouse Fatty Acid Profile (Stearic, Oleic and Linoleic), keeping skin moisturised, healthy and glowing.

  • Beauty and the Boutique

    Pure Beeswax Great at protecting skin from environmental stresses such as pollution, wind and indoor heating.Beeswax’s humectant qualities (meaning it attracts water) can also help skin stay hydrated and dewy looking.

About the brand: Awake Organics 

Awake Organics is a growing, small-batch natural beauty brand from Northamptonshire, England, that uses food-grade (including crystals and aromatherapy), organic and sustainable ingredients and packaging from UK suppliers, helping reduce CO2 emissions. It uses natural products to help you feel healthy, beautiful and confident! Their products are made for our bodies to respond positively by focusing on the mind and the body.

Awake Organics is a Certified Cruelty-Free International Association (Leaping Bunny) Brand.

At Beauty and the Boutique...

We love beauty and animals – so you always know the products we sell are never tested on animals.

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" I've hand-picked some products that I think will work beautifully with your new Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate. Take a peek below! "

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I hope you love using this Awake Organics - Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate as much as I loved hand-picking it for you!

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