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Fitcover Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation

Do you wish your foundation could handle the heat?

Are hot summer days, gym workouts, hormonal sweating, or hot flushes leaving your regular foundation slipping down your face and looking patchy?

Finding a foundation that can weather the heat(!) and life without causing your skin to break out or slide off is no easy task.

But now, you can wave goodbye to the foundation that clogs up your skin and discover a new world in ‘skincare meets makeup’!

For a foundation that keeps you looking cool regardless of the temperature (outside or inside your body!), Fitcover has the answer:

Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation

Working up a sweat is natural and good for you, but you still want your makeup to look good too...

...so this award-winning, heat-resisting foundation is a makeup must-have!

Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation offers the best in terms of a flawless base that will last longer than other foundations through any hot and sweaty day (or night!)

Whether you're working out or experiencing a hot flush, you can trust that this foundation won’t melt off immediately!

What makes this foundation so unique?

Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation offers the latest sweat-proof makeup technology that looks good and is good for your skin!

Fitcover’s got you covered in all areas of your day and life – school drop-offs, stuffy offices, morning commutes and exercise.

This truly is the perfect foundation for anyone…

but above all, it’s incredibly invaluable for those going through menopause or perimenopause who suffer from hot flushes and sweats!

Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation is here to help you “sweat-proof” your skin for a flawless complexion you’ll love!

What's more...

Not only does this talented foundation answer all your menopausal makeup dilemmas, but if you’re prone to breakouts, it has your back there, too!

Whether from hormonal imbalances or a workout, we can get breakouts when we sweat because our pores flush out oil and dirt away, but when that dirt and oil become trapped, bacteria will form, causing our skin to break out...

...and desperately trying to cover up breakouts with makeup can make the problem worse!

By clogging and caking up your pores with a foundation that's not designed for sweating, it can make your skin react with more build-up.

That's why Fitcover has been specially created to combat this and offer a sweat-proof, non-sticky and lightweight foundation with beautiful, medium coverage…

and that also happens to be great for your skin!

Skin-loving formula...

This incredible vegan formula contains nutrient-rich ingredients that help boost a clear complexion while locking in moisture and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function.

With anti-ageing antioxidants and emollients such as Diatomaceous Earth, Lecithin, Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, your skin will never look better in any weather, activity or life stage!

Wear it with the confidence that your skin will look flawless... regardless of how hot you get!

Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation truly is your ‘Sweat With No Regrets’ magic weapon!

And that's not all...

Whether you need a lightweight formula for oily skin or a nourishing one for dry, dehydrated, mature or hormonal skin - this buildable, medium-coverage foundation creates the perfect natural-looking, smooth and radiant complexion with a satin-smooth texture.

Whatever your skin type, Fitcover Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation gives you the confidence to go about your day!

Plus, a tiny bit goes a long way to easily cover pigmentation, blemishes and dark circles.

This is one foundation that genuinely lives up to its name!

How to use your Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation

Beauty and the Boutique

Results to expect

  • Sweat-ready foundation with proven technology that locks in for longer, even during hot conditions, whether environmental or in your body

  • Buildable, light to medium coverage that can be touched up during very sweaty days

  • Ideal for hormonal changes in the skin, particularly due to menopause or perimenopause

  • Skin-loving formula with nutrient-rich ingredients for a clear, hydrated and even complexion that won’t cause breakouts

  • Perfect for all skin types, from oily, dry and mature

  • Non-sticky and lightweight with excellent buildable coverage up to medium coverage

  • A small amount covers pigmentation, blemishes and dark circles

  • Available in SIX flattering shades from porcelain to deep


Award Winning Formula

Don’t just take our word for it – check out these outstanding awards that Fitcover - Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation has achieved:

  • Be You T Awards - 2020 – Winner
  • Be You T Awards - 2022 – Winner
  • Organic Beauty Award – 2021 – Best Clean Product – Winner
About the brand: Fitcover

Fitcover is an Australian brand where beauty, fitness and skincare meet, giving naturally derived, sweat-proof, cruelty-free makeup, beauty and wellness products made for active lifestyles that nourish your skin as you sweat. Founder of Fitcover, Nova Jane’s love for exercise resulted in acne and blemished skin with makeup clogging and caking up her skin, further prompting her to develop her own makeup range in 2017 for active lifestyles with products specifically aimed at being skin-friendly while also sweat-resistant. Carefully selected ingredients with unique formulas gave way to sweat-resistant makeup that’s actually beneficial to your skin.

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We love beauty and animals – so you always know the products we sell are never tested on animals.

Beauty and the Boutique
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I hope you love using this Fitcover - Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation as much as I loved hand-picking it for you!

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