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ROKNDOL Ultimate Duo Silk Scrunchies

You may just have found the perfect addition to your haircare routine...

...and for healthier, stronger and shinier hair all while looking stylish and chic!

How you treat your hair in between washes can make a lasting difference on your hair...

…and if you have delicate or easily damaged hair or suffer from a sensitive scalp or discomfort from tight hair ties, then this accessory is going to be revolutionary for your hair health!

Stop sacrificing style for the health of your hair and get ready to swap to ROKNDOL’s luxurious:

Ultimate Duo Silk Scrunchies

…experience the epitome of luxury and care for your hair!

These silk scrunchies aren't just chic accessories, they are crafted with precision and passion by a renowned celebrity hair stylist and are your gateway to a new level of hair indulgence.

Unlock radiant hair with The Ultimate Duo Silk Scrunchies that offer a blend of elegance, comfort, and hair-friendly benefits that you (and your hair!) deserve.

Finally, a hair accessory that not only complements your style but also cares for your precious hair – ROKNDOL hair scrunchies is here to revolutionise your hair game, providing you with the luxury and hair care of your dreams…

…in your every day.

Get ready for the most sumptuous hair indulgence yet… the ROKNDOL way!

What makes this hair duo so unique?

More than just an accessory, The Ultimate Hair Scrunchie Duo is a luxurious hair experience!

Whether it’s for smoothing out frizz, aiding hydration or reducing breakage, silk scrunchies protect your hair throughout your busy day (and night!), avoiding damage - to your hair and the world around us - caused by conventional hair ties.

But ROKNDOL The Ultimate Duo Silk Scrunchies is no ordinary silk scrunchie!

Handcrafted in 100% organic Peace silk (a premium natural silk); these scrunchies also feature biodegradable plastic-free elastic. 

Both the Large and Slinky Ultimate Silk Scrunchies in this beautiful set are designed to not only look great but to give your hair health a boost for hair that looks its very best… day and night!

Embrace sophistication with two exquisite statement scrunchies in each ROKNDOL set that elevates your look from casual outings or special events so you (and your hair!) can shine, radiating effortless and chic confidence.

Slinky Ultimate Silk Scrunchie

The thinner scrunchie is both subtle and stylish and a more luxurious, eco-friendly upgrade to your regular hair ties.

Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also made from sourced tension-maintaining, plastic-free elastic that is both kind to your hair and the planet for everyday luxury with maximum style!

Large Ultimate Silk Scrunchie

The larger scrunchie is a sumptuous, statement hair accessory that elevates your hair instantly!

From carefully sourced tension-maintaining elastic, it is not only biodegradable and plastic-free, but holds its elasticity for longer, meaning your scrunchie won’t lose its shape, stretch out, or need frequent replacing. 

These Peace silk scrunchies redefine luxury by seamlessly fusing fashion and hair care together, preventing breakage and reducing friction… along with an impressive sustainable and ethical stance.

Nurturing your hair's health

Perfect for all hair types, The Ultimate Duo Silk Scrunchies is particularly beneficial for mature hair because as we age, our hair becomes more delicate and deserves the utmost care. These delicate and ultra-soft silk scrunchies are gentle on your hair, reducing friction and preventing breakage…

…prepare to embrace the softness that nurtures your hair's health with every tie!

Less friction, shinier hair!

In fact, the smooth surface of these silk scrunchies is less likely to snag or pull on hair strands, creating less friction against the hair compared to traditional elastic hair ties and reducing the risk of hair damage and tangling.

By reducing friction and potential damage, The Ultimate Hair Scrunchie Duo can contribute to maintaining the overall health of your hair - less stress and breakage means shinier, smoother, and healthier overall hair over time.

Beautiful hair, morning ‘til night

You can say goodbye to morning hair struggles with ROKNDOL! 

Embrace a faster morning routine without the early-hour hair battles – just effortless beauty, day, and night, saving you precious time.

And if you like to tie your hair up during sleep yet still wish to maintain a smoother hairstyle afterwards, ROKNDOL silk scrunchies let you wake up to crease-free, ready-to-style hair thanks to these soft and gentle scrunchies that minimise creases, dents, and kinks which regular hair ties can leave behind.

Protects hair from frizz & breakage

Dehydrated hair is coarser, frizzier, and more prone to snapping and breakage, so simply upgrading to a silk scrunchie instead of a cotton or synthetic one has a significant impact as cotton draws in a lot of natural moisture from your hair. 

Silk is known for its ability to retain moisture, keeping your locks hydrated and reducing frizz. With ROKNDOL's Ultimate Hair Scrunchie Duo, you're not just styling your hair – you're nourishing and protecting it with each wear.

The natural property of silk leaves each strand feeling softer and more hydrated transforming your hair into a healthier, shinier, and more vibrant version with every use!

Reduces dents in your hair

Do you often find you pull your hair up and out of the way throughout the day but want to wear it down again after? 

If so, the last thing you want is visible marks left from your hair tie bending and digging into the strands of your hair when the fabric rubs against the hair strands.

The smoother structure of the fibres of these silk scrunchies, plus the carefully sourced, biodegradable rubber elastic, minimises dents and damage, leaving your hair with a luxuriously soft finish and gentle sheen to be let loose in all its sleek glory later.

Luxurious & chic hair everyday

Prepare to enter a new level of hair indulgence!

Elevate your everyday with a touch of luxury thanks to the elegant and sophisticated silk scrunchies that exudes elegance and look effortlessly stylish and chic.

Designed to look as good on your wrist as it does in your hair, these silk scrunchies make a style statement that won’t detract from your outfit.

What is Peace silk?

Peace silk is the more sustainable silk option!

Not only is Peace silk a kinder, more ethical alternative to traditional silk, but it’s also more sustainable, causing minimal impact on the environment with organic farming allowing the natural ecosystem to flourish.

How to create the best bun ever!

Beauty and the Boutique

Results to expect

  • 100% organic peace silk that’s kinder to your hair and the planet by using eco-friendly, sustainable vegetable dyes

  • Recycled embroidery threads with biodegradable, plastic-free tension maintaining elastic

  • Anti-snag and anti-frizz innovative design for stronger, healthier hair

  • Reduces hairline breakage and friction

  • Expertly designed for all hair, in particular hair extensions, damaged or ageing hair

  • Maintains hydration of the hair to keep it looking glossier, shinier and less frizzy than if using regular cotton hair ties that soak up moisture from hair

  • Naturally hypoallergenic and designed to last, avoiding landfill waste

  • Luxurious care for your hair that makes the perfect gift to yourself or loved ones

  • Duo Elegance with two luxurious scrunchies in every set – a Large Scrunchie and a Slinky Scrunchie to suit every mood, style and occasion!

  • Three sophisticated colours to choose from in a glossy finish - Dusty Pink, Khaki Green or Cinder Black

  • No more morning hair struggle thanks to the scrunchies never leaving creases or kinks


    About the brand: ROKNDOL

    Founded in 2020 by Vicky Demetriou, a haircare professional and expert in hair extensions for over 20 years and a knowledge of how the world’s hair and beauty product manufacturing impact the environment and our planet. With a knowledge of the natural benefits of silk, Vicky went on a mission to help protect our hair, skin, and the planet, to source an organic, sustainable silk that helps care for and protect our hair and planet every day! ROKNDOL officially invested and partnered with a respected ethical Ahimsa silk farm in the world’s leading source of authentic peace silk, India to give us the most suitable fairtrade silk. ROKNDOL helps communities, reduces the plastic in landfills and lowers carbon emissions in the production of their products, all while allowing us to look fabulously chic!

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