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Invisible Blotting Powder

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Daniel Sandler Invisible Blotting Powder

We all want that radiant look…

…but what none of us wants is to look oily or greasy!

You've chosen such a winning product!

Daniel Sandler Invisible Blotting Powder

When working on a photoshoot, I frequently need to set makeup and minimize oil on the face quickly and flawlessly.

So, this amazingly weightless Daniel Sandler Blotting Powder, which magically disappears while it mops up the shine, is the perfect solution to any undesired oil…

… immediately!

What makes this powder so unique?

A good blotting powder will make your skin appear matter but without giving you extra coverage or colour – it simply mixes with the oil in your skin.

But an excellent blotting powder, like this one - is so lightweight, it never feels like anything extra on the skin, plus it won’t cake or settle into creases, nor will it dry out your skin.

Seriously impressive feather-light stuff!

With a no-colour finish, this technologically advanced formula is so invisible it won’t even alter the shade of foundation.

And that’s not all...

This little diamond of a product comes in a beautiful mirrored compact, so you can use the translucent blotting powder to touch up problem areas and eliminate shine throughout the day…

…without ever disturbing the makeup you’ve applied!

Never again will you have to worry about looking overly oily, shiny or greasy with the Daniel Sandler Blotting Powder firmly in your bag.

Now you’re all set and ready to dazzle…without any unwanted shine!

How to use your new Blotting Powder!

Beauty and the Boutique

Results to expect

  • Reduces the oil on your face instantly

  • Sets your foundation so it lasts longer without as many touch-ups throughout the day required

  • Helps to blur fine lines and pores, so skin looks more youthful

  • Can also lock your eye shadow in place, preventing creasing on your eyelids and allowing the eyeshadow to last longer

  • Non-coloured sheer powder that doesn’t dry out the skin

  • Super light-weight and leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh – not cakey and dry (like some blotting powders)

  • Translucent powder that does not change the colour of your makeup simply takes away unwanted shine

  • Handbag friendly for ease to top up throughout the day to de-shine your face if required

  • Helps to maintain a flawless matte look for longer

  • Use alone or over foundation for weightless, clear oil control

  • Improves your skin clarity and is suitable for all skin types

About the brand: Daniel Sandler

Expertly designed by Daniel Sandler - one of the UK’s favourite Makeup Artists who has over 30 years of industry experience and has worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

With Daniel’s knowledge and experience, he’s created quick and easy to apply makeup products that contain only the very best ingredients and many that are multi-purpose and award-winning.

The products are all focused on what brings out the natural beauty in women, resulting in professional finishes and makeup that lasts longer on the skin, even in hot or humid conditions.

A Daniel Sandler product may just become a staple addition in your makeup bag soon too!

At Beauty and the Boutique...

We love beauty and animals – so you always know the products we sell are never tested on animals.

Beauty and the Boutique
" I’ve hand-picked some products that I think will work beautifully with your new Invisible Blotting Powder. Take a peek below! "

Makeup Artist

Beauty and the Boutique

Beauty and the Boutique
" Plus, I’ve searched through my videos and blogs to find you makeup looks I’ve created using your Invisible Blotting Powder. Take a peek below! "

Makeup Artist

Beauty and the Boutique

Beauty and the Boutique

Beauty and the Boutique

Beauty and the Boutique

I hope you love using this Daniel Sandler - Invisible Blotting Powder as much as I loved hand-picking it for you!

Need more help?

Should you need more help with your new Daniel Sandler - Invisible Blotting Powder, be sure to get in touch with us 👉 here, we'd love to hear from you!

Show us your selfie!

We love seeing how you like to use your Daniel Sandler - Invisible Blotting Powder Send us your selfie wearing your new purchase 👉 here and let us celebrate you!


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